For those who despair of the limits of human potential, let me assure you that we are, all of us, in possession of a power that surpass the imagination; a power greater than any ideal codified in parchment or immortalized in timeless verse; a power more ancient than the pyramids or even the wheel, and perhaps more ancient than mankind itself; a power that is as integral to our very natures as the despite to have and the will to possesses; as timeless perhaps as sleeping, feeding, breathing and sex; a power that may predate not just humanity but life itself.

I speak, of course, of indifference; a power as beyond time and space as whatever dark force holds the universe in place. And that dark force may very well be the indifference that spawned it, still defining its creation, giving it form and color and even providing the organic material that evolved into the human animal that simply doesnt give a damn.

It is as fundamental to creation as the will to create, indifference inspiring the very question it cant answer: Why not? And whether it be God or the will of matter to make something of itself, the universe came into being because there was no good reason to do otherwise. Why not cluster into galaxies and stars and planets? And why not lump itself into sentient matter with the capacity for self-examination; beings born of the indifference of intergalactic vapor and designed to examine and appreciate the hidden forces that shrugged humanity into being.

The indifference that created us pervades out very existence, protecting us form rash resolve, unnecessary overexertion, vicarious sympathy and even perilous ideals .Its ensured the very survival of the species, keeping us from overtaxing ourselves so that we can endure on minimal effort alone, our egos securely cocooned in our own self-pity.

Indifference not only shapes our motives, or lack thereof, it empowers us to do as little as possible to retain our humanity, keeping the bar low so that we might always exceed ourselves should we suffer an unexpected lapse of apathy. As such, do anything becomes something of an accomplishment, and accomplishment work wonders for the ego. Indifference strengthens self-interest such that we need never do for what others what doesnt have an equal or greater benefit for ourselves. If the bottom line is self-importance, indifference keeps us from giving undue value to anything but me, myself and I.

With indifference, theres no end to what you can accomplish for yourself without the distraction of other people and without even the distraction of your own ambition to greater things. In short, indifference promises maximum benefit with minimal exertion. And if anyone doubts the strength of humanitys favorite crutch, might I add that humanity, in its most highly evolved state of indifference, has never been more pervasive and more plentiful, birthed in the billions simply because there was no good reason not to copulate with senseless abandon.

So for those of you feeling powerless, dehumanized and hollow, remember that indifference is not your enemy but your friend. Lack of accomplishment is not a badge of shame. It is actually a reason to celebrate. Although, theres not much reason to celebrate what was always your inheritance, not to mention your prime motivator. Besides, what use is the exertion of celebration when its far easier to do nothing? In fact, there probably isnt much point in reading these words when its less effort to close your eyes and lose yourself in self-thought.

Before indifference keeps you from bothering with what has already been a needlessly lengthy passage, let me recap. There is no force as powerful as indifference, and if love can move mountains, indifference can surely move entire continents; though why youd bother in the first place is beyond me. So do nothing and be proud that you had the good sense to keep your efforts minimal; although I cant say much for your decision to read through this entire page.