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Welcome to the Church That Is No Church

Verily I say unto you that there shall be no need of churches, although if you were in the market for a new church, you couldnt go far wrong with the Church That Is No Church. No other church giveth so much and expecteth so little.

What then giveth the Church That Is No Church? In a word: freedom. As a member of the Church that is No Church, you are free to worship as you will, or even not worship at all. You might even join another church if you were so inclined and the need to belong so overpowering. We wouldnt hold it against you, even if you told us.

So whats the catch, you ask? The catch is this: as much freedom as you can carry, which, of course, if entirely up to you. You may take what you wish, which, we trust, youll use judiciously.
The Church That Is No Church giveth, but the church never taketh away. Yea verily.

Benefits? Did someone say benefits?

What then are the benefits of the Church That Is No Church, you ask? Let me show you the benefits of the churchless path.


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